Episode 39 : The Anxious Lawyer | Question de Preuve

* Formation dont l’admissibilité a été confirmée par le Barreau du Québec aux fins de la formation continue obligatoire, pour une durée de 1.5 heure*
In this episode I talk with Jeena Cho, author of The Anxious Lawyer: An 8-Week Guide to a Happier, Saner Law Practice Using Meditation.

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Épisode 33 : Women In Law | Question de Preuve

As part of International Women’s Day, Interlegal presented a discussion panel on the challenges that women in law face around the world and how to empower women around them.

During the next hour you will meet five women lawyers with inspiring professional backgrounds from 3 different continents.

The facilitator and the four panelists stand out in the field of law in their respective countries. They will discuss the evolution of the profession for women, the barriers they have encountered as entrepreneurs, the place of women in their country and the challenges to come for the next generation of women lawyers.

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